A picture every day

BLINK is a high-quality tearaway calendar for fans of photography. In a handy A6 format (105 × 148 mm) it will keep you company throughout the year as a desk calendar or up on the wall. BLINK 2019 contains pictures in portrait- or landscape orientation by more than 50 photographers. With every image it takes the viewer on a little journey. It will show the unexpected and the funny, the profound and the silly, the past and the present – photos that capture the imagination, every day for 365 days.

The Sound of BLINK

BLINK doesn’t have a overarching theme or a unified style. Instead it speaks its own language. The images tell their own stories, often as part of a sequence, each carefully chosen and positioned exactly where they need to be in the year. Their placement – somtimes surprising, often in context, always from a unique photographic point of view – inspires curiosity about what’s to come next. With BLINK we have made the calendar that we have always been looking for.

Who makes BLINK?

We the editors – Susanne Schwalbach and Etienne Girardet – always enjoy showing our pictures in public because we feel that photographs only come to life when viewed by others. We also wanted to try an experiment with interesting people and their pictures: a self-funded project beyond the constraints of the market, a labour of love apart from day-to-day necessities, for us and for you.

Have a look at BLINK


BLINK is non-profit

The BLINK project is fresh, new, young and nimble. With a print-run of 400 copies the selling price is calculated to cover the costs after all 400 calendars have been sold. There are no profits.

Two plus 50

BLINK has two editors who publish their own photos. Additionally, BLINK contains images by more than 50 other photographers – ranging from young to old, from amateur to pro. A unique mix.

BLINK for your heart

BLINK is the perfect present – for the heart, for the eyes and for your budget. For €32.00 BLINK 2019 will give you joy for a whole year. At least!
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In A6 format (105 × 148mm) and 50mm thick BLINK weighs 800g. It is printed in 4-color offset on Arctic Volume white with high-quality adhesive binding and works as a desk or wall calendar.

BLINK in the wild


From the drawer into the limelight

For BLINK 2019 we invited about 50 photographers to open their archives to us. They sent us pictures that were meaningful to them. There were no thematic constraints. A lot of images here are presented for the first time in a professional setting because many people shoot wonderful photos that they never show to anybody. BLINK offers a stage for these kind of pictures, who languish as sleeping beauties in hidden folders, waiting for a chance to be seen.

Starting with a pool of more than 2.500 submissions we entered an intense phase of curation, deciding on selection and placement in the calendar. Not an easy process, but a fun one.

As we like it

With this very personal selection process we were able to unearth 365 veritable treasures. The criterea were subjective: diversity, taste, colors, rhythm, portrait/landscape, light/dark, season, placement as commentary to holidays, similarity, sequences … The last round of triage was purely intuitive. This subjectivity in the final selection makes up the unique visual language of BLINK.

Many images were discarded with a heavy heart – but they remain in the pool for next year’s BLINK.

Photographers 2019

Next two the two editors more than 55 photographers contributed to BLINK.
Thank you!

Becoming a BLINK Photographer

Are you shooting interesting pictures that you’d like to see featured in BLINK? We’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact us and we’ll send you our submission guidelines.


BLINK is produced and distributed by BAR PACIFICO/ Girardet & Hickethier GbR.
Oranienstraße 188, 10999 Berlin, Germany.
BLINK is curated and published by Susanne Schwalbach and Etienne Girardet.


You can order BLINK at BAR PACIFIO/ for
32,- Euros.

Strong discounts when ordering more than one copy.

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